Selling Resin Soul Mei
ResinSoul Mei Head and Body $120 plus shipping
I got her from She has WS and will come with eyes shown. She has staining on her lips, around her eyes and ears. Price is negotiable. She will come in the box I got her in. If you have any questions or want more pics feel free to ask. Email me at

Need to sell BJD fast
I'm going through some financial issues and the only thing I own of value is my BJD. I don't want to sell her but I have no other choice. If you or someone you know is interested in my BJD please reply or click eBay link.

You can see pictures of her in the link above. I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly but if I'm not don't be shy to inform me.
Thank you for reading my post. Hope to get some replies. I will also consider OBOs.


SELLING!! 2 of my Doll Leaves bjd tiny dolls
SELLING!! 2 of my Doll Leaves bjd tiny dolls
I’d be the first owner of both dolls getting them both late 2012

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BJD faceups and mod supplies for sale
Drawing a heart
Prismacolor & Derwent colored pencils, inks, and clay!

I'm really~ helping someone is interested. I'm moving abroad in about 3 weeks, and am having a hard time getting the funds together for living expenses. >.< So! I'm trying to part with everything I can.
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WTB: U-noa Quluts Light
Hi everyone, this is a long shot but I'm looking for a U-noa Quluts Light Fluorite (the resin kind, not the vinyl kind).
As long as those conditions are met, nothing else really matters to me (face up or not, extras or not, etc.). Willing to consider damaged dolls as well.
I'm located in Chicago, IL (USA).
Please respond here or message me if you have one for sale!

Want to sell or trade!
Originally posted by un1c0rnpoop at Want to sell or trade!
Asleep eidolon Blueberry
Second ownder
Worth about 300$
No yellowing or damages
I'd like to trade her for almost anything - there's nothing wrong with her Im just tired of her...

Fairyland Seorin
Second owner
Worth ???
No yellowing or damages
I'd like to trade him for a girl, preferably fairyland
-Does not have this faceup anymore-

Smoke free and Ive got 3 cats

For Trade Limited Edition WithDoll Priscilla
Doll Nudity Below V

I want to trade her for another female MSD. Shoot offers my way! Please either doll value $400 or be willing to make the difference in $$. She has Limited grey skin and limited face-up. Will come with the eyes and wig pictured.

Offers of a Minifee Juri will go right to the top of my list

Either drop me a message here or at my email > if you want more information!

Height 41 cm
Weight 0.50 kg
Head 16 cm around
Neck 6.5 cm around
Shoulder 7.5 cm
Chest 17.5 cm around
Waist 12.5 cm around
Heap 18.5 cm around
Leg 21.5 cm
Feet 5.5 cm


Scarecrow Hal MSD from DollZone
Hi everyone! I'm selling my Scarecrow Hal from DollZone. If you're interested, you can buy/bid through ebay here or a transaction can be made directly through my PayPal. I'm selling him because I no longer have the funds to support this hobby :( He is practically new; as in I've only unwrapped him once to see if he was undamaged.
I'm looking for at least $200 + s&h

Here are some pics:

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Scarecrow Hal Doll
DollZone Box (pillow)
Eyes already in head

Not Included:

Height: 45cm
Head size: 18.5cm
Neck size: 7cm
Shoulder width: 9cm
Arms length: 13cm
Breast size: 17cm
Waist size: 14cm
Hip size: 18cm
Back length: 10.5cm
Thigh width:11cm
Leg length: 22.5cm
Ankle width: 6.5cm
Foot length: 5.5cm

Volks SD16 Yukinojo
I am selling my original Volks sd16 Yukinojo.details here ...Collapse )                                                                                                      

WTB : BJD lati yellow
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a lati yellow.

I'm located in France
I would like her with eyes and wig
natural or stock make-up
I'll look at everything
no limited doll please

I only pay by paypal
I've a lot of positive feedback on my LJ and on the loli database


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